I found my counsellor extremely helpful and understanding. She listened carefully to what I had to say. Any suggestions she made were given in a very gentle advisory way, and not in a corrective or dominant way as to what I must do, but merely offering a point of view.” 


“Very impressive and reassuring, felt very relaxed. The counsellor exuded confidence creating a professional atmosphere, causing me to open up.” 


“I cannot thank COMPASS enough for the acceptance with which I was greeted and the unflagging support I encountered. For the first time in my life I have been able to make real choices, i.e. those which may be best “for me” not necessarily for others. I feel I have journeyed from a hesitant, exhausting “embarkation” to a destination that is both liberating and exciting. Thank you COMPASS, you have made a difference to the rest of my life!” 


“My counselling has changed my life. Together Marion and I have set free the person that I am. I am now able to come off the anti-depressants that I have had to use for years.”