Your staff are the most valuable resource you have.

Stress affects one in five of the working population.  It is now the single biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK
and costs UK industry 7 billion each year.

People should expect to have a job that challenges them, and should expect to feel some pressure at work. However, when that pressure is excessive they suffer an adverse reaction to it, Then, it becomes stress. Stress is not a disease, but it can be a threat to your health and safety at work. Legally, employers must have a stress in the workplace policy

However, there are easy solutions, and that is where we at COMPASS can really help. We want to help as many people as possible tackle the stress in their lives. the quickest way to do that is through employers. That is why we offer our service to everyone, and pay particular attention to the help we can give through companies.

Other than the legal aspect, why should employers tackle work related stress? There is a real benefit to your business. As well as reducing sickness absence costs to an organisation, tackling stress can have a positive effect on: employee commitment to work, staff performance, productivity, staff turnover or intention to leave, staff recruitment and retention, customer satisfaction, and organisational image and enhanced reputation.

Therefore, if you need some help, or just a second opinion on stress in your workplace, please call COMPASS. We welcome your call and will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your particular requirements.

Work Place Support at COMPASS has been awarded the NHS Workplace Well-being Charter and also provides Occupational Health Services to Sefton Council.

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